Building Department

Department Responsibilities

The Building Department is responsible for assisting developers and residents in complying with state and local construction codes – including building, electrical, and plumbing. All building plan reviews, permit processing, scheduled and periodic inspections, and occupancy certificates are coordinated through this department. Responsibilities also include collection and refund of bond and escrow monies, and maintenance of records on all construction activity.

Please visit the Building Department for information on plan reviews, permits, building inspections, and contractor licensing. The Building Department provides oversight to ensure compliance with the Building and Zoning Code.

Permit Process

  1. Submit permit application and, if not already on file, contractor’s registration.
  2. Submittal methods:
  3. The standard permit review and issuance time is two weeks, not including delays for insufficient submittal material and/or information; however, the Village will make every effort to reduce this timeline. Note there will be a re-plan review fee if subsequent reviews are required (see Fee Schedule below).


Inspections must be called in by 3:00 pm the day before the inspection. To schedule an inspection, please contact the Building Division at (847) 847-3586 or (847) 847-3537 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm (note the 3:00 pm deadline above). Note there will be a re-inspection fee for failed inspections (see Fee Schedule below). 

Residential Building Permit Fee Schedule

The Village has implemented a flat fee permit schedule to streamline the residential permit fee assignment process. There are a total of six (6) fee types, as identified below. For any project not identified below, a permit fee will be determined by the Community Development Department. Note the fees below do not include water & sewer connection fees or other impact fees, as required. See Section 11-1-1 of the Village Code for a full listing of fees, rates and charges.

Fee SchedulePrice
Class Type A


Door, drainage tile, fence slats, firepit gas line, hot water heater, pet fence, roofing, siding, storm sewer manhole, window replacement
Class Type B


Air conditioner, chimney repair, culvert, demolition, dog run, drainage ditch, driveway/driveway approach, elevator, fence, fireplace, furnace, garage door replace, gate, gate with electrical, outdoor kitchen/fireplace, patio, pavers, permanent signs, sprinkler, electrical

Class Type C


Deck, generator, hot tub, pillar/light post, remodel minor (250 square feet and under)

Class Type D


Addition, gazebo, porch, personal wireless services facility (PWS), remodel (251 square feet or greater), basement finish/remodel limited (no plumbing work)
Class Type E


Basement finish/remodel (includes work on stubbed-out plumbing), swimming pool
Class Type F
New single-family home (connection fees, impact fees, recapture fees & other district fees not included)$8,250.00
New townhome/rowhome - first unit permit fee (connection fees, impact fees, recapture fees & other district fees not included)$8,250.00
New townhome/rowhome - permit fee for each additional unit in building (connection fees, impact fees, recapture fees & other district fees not included)$6,400.00

Plan Re-review (0.5 / 1 hour)


Re-inspection (0.5 / 1 hour)


Cash or Surety Bond

New Home$6,000.00
Additions, pools, demolition, commercial build-out$4,000.00
Commercial buildings$10,000.00
Personal wireless services facility (PWS)$1,000.00
All other improvement projects requiring a building permit$300.00