Residential Waste Pick-Up

Waste Management is the official provider of recycling and disposal needs for residents of the Village of Hawthorn Woods. 

The rates, effective January 1, 2017, are as follows:

Type of ServicePrice
Unlimited Residential Curb Service 2X$28.66
Unlimited Residential Curb Service (own)$17.71
Limited Residential Curb Service (own)$15.50
Recycle Cart$1.10
Limited 96 g Cart Service (rent)$18.82
Limited 96 g Cart Service - Senior (rent)$17.09
Limited 96 g Cart Service 2X$27.17
Limited Residential Curb Service - Senior$15.97
Limited Curb Trash 2X$27.17
Backdoor Service (in addition to trash code)$24.54
Backdoor Service - Senior (in addition to trash code)$22.19
Unlimited Residential Curb Service - Senior$15.97
Limited 64 g Cart Service 2X$28.60
Limited 64 g Cart Service - Senior$16.78
Limited 64 g Cart Service$18.49

Cart Cleaning Service

Let Waste Management do the dirty work and clean your carts to eliminate bacteria and germs. Waste Management’s environmentally safe cart cleaning service uses hot water, steam, and pressure - no chemicals. A self-contained system prevents wastewater from entering storm drains. Keep carts stored in the garage or close to your home free from bacteria, bugs, and odor-free.

Visit your local website at to schedule your cart(s) cleaning or call Waste Management at (800) 964-8988 to schedule a cleaning by pre-paying with a credit card. Thank you for being a Waste Management customer. We look forward to helping Hawthorn Woods be as clean - and green - as possible.