Hawthorn Woods In Bloom

America-In-Bloom-logo.pngThe Village of Hawthorn Woods joined the America in Bloom national environmental effort in 2018 and formed its own local chapter in 2019 called Hawthorn Woods in Bloom. America in Bloom is a national non-profit organization which provides communities with a framework for building community pride, participation, and beautification.

In 2019, Mayor Joseph Mancino appointed the inaugural 14 members to the Hawthorn Woods in Bloom Committee. These members serve as volunteers for this initiative. The Hawthorn Woods in Bloom Committee is working in several different community areas including:

  • Cultural heritage
  • Flowers and landscaping
  • Adopt-A-Park
  • Excellence in Landscaping Award
  • Community Vitality
  • Urban Forestry
  • Public Awareness
  • Environmental Education

Hawthorn Woods Community Profile
Read our formal Community Profile for the Village of Hawthorn Woods (PDF) which won us the national championship in our population category in 2018.


2019 America in Bloom - National Champion Population 5,000-10,000

2019 America in Bloom - National Environmental Effort Award

2019 America in Bloom - Hawthorn Woods Recognition for Community Vitality

2018 America in Bloom Champion - Population 5,000 to 10,000 Category

2018 America in Bloom Recognition for Community Vitality

2018 Environmental Effort Award - Top 3

Nomination Forms
2018 Outstanding Achievement Award - Urban Forestry (PDF)
2018 Outstanding Achievement Award - Community Vitality (PDF)
2018 Outstanding Achievement Award - Environmental Efforts (PDF)

Evaluation Reports
2018 (PDF)


2019 Visit by America in Bloom Judges Album

Community Programs & Initiatives 

Hawthorn Woods In Bloom Excellence in Gardening Awards Program

The Village of Hawthorn Woods is accepting nominations for the 2023 Excellence in Gardening Award. We are proud of the beauty of our community and want to share in celebrating our environmental efforts with those who contribute to it. This awards program recognizes residents and businesses who take the time to enhance their properties with gardens, trees, vegetables, flowers, sculptures, water features, or any other hardscapes that integrate with landscaping to make our Hawthorn Woods gardens special. 

Download the Nomination Packet (PDF)

Environmental Education Resources