What amenities does the Village provide?
The Village has a full service Police Department, Public Works Department with ice and snow removal services, a Building Department, Finance Department, Parks and Recreation Department, and Communications Department.

The Village of Hawthorn Woods has a wonderful park system with 8 neighborhood parks and 2 Regional Parks. We have an Aquatic Center with state of the art amenities and several gazebos and a Community Room available for parties or functions. Recreation programs, outdoor special events, and a fun Senior Program welcome your participation!

The Village is serviced by a road network consisting of state, county and municipal streets. This makes getting around to fine dining, employment centers, and shopping easy and integrated.

Elementary school district 95 Spencer Loomis and Middle School North and
St. Matthew’s Lutheran Schools are located in the Village, and early childhood education centers/day care centers are located in town. The Foglia YMCA is nearby with year round sports and fitness opportunities.

The Hawthorn Woods Country Club is a private golf course and residential community designed by Arnold Palmer. It has quickly gained fame as the host of the Illinois Open Championship Golf Event, sponsored by the PGA. This event is enjoyed by celebrities and spectators alike.

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5. What amenities does the Village provide?
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