Green Business Program

Green Seal of Hawthorn WoodsWelcome to the Green Business Program of Hawthorn Woods! By participating in this program, there is an opportunity to learn about how your business can create sustainable economic development, environmental impacts, and social benefits. Putting in the effort to completing the actions in this program can result in tangible benefits for your business, customers, and community.

Green Business Guidebook
Green Business Action Resources
Green Seal of Hawthorn Woods Application


Covers the action items that are necessary for securing the Green Seal of Hawthorn Woods designation. Points and business categories are assigned for each action item.
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Action Resources

Gives more information and links to resources for exploring the completion of each action item. Recommended for businesses that want to learn more about the benefits and costs of each action.
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Lays out the Green Seal of Hawthorn Woods reward packages, including the award process, advertising benefits, and promotion guide. Describes the documentation needed to achieve the points for each action listed in the Green Business Guide.
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Award Winners

IKL Microgreens
Local business that sells and educates about microgreens


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