The Village of Hawthorn Woods partners with Ong Taekwondo Academy (OTA) to bring martial arts to the Hawthorn Woods Community.

Our classes introduce and reinforces basic components of taekwondo to our students. It is designed to teach the art of taekwondo to children by instilling the five ancient tenets of taekwondo as a way of life - courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. This program provides the foundation for physical and psychological training; increasing their strength, fitness, flexibility, confidence, focus and discipline. It teaches children how to build a strong healthy body and provides the foundational elements for improved motor skills, better ability to pay attention and follow directions, practice courtesy and discipline, and gain self-confidence. Instructed by Ong Taekwondo Academy.

Fall 2023 Taekwondo


Little Jins Taekwondo (Ages 5-7)

Sept. 5 - Oct. 24
Tues, 5:00 p.m. - 5:45 p.m.
Aquatic Center - Community Room
Fees:     $168/res; $193/non-res
Code: 3648

Kids Taekwondo (Ages 8+)

Sept. 5 - Oct. 24
Tues, 6:00 p.m. - 6:45 p.m.
Aquatic Center - Community Room
Fees:     $168/res; $193/non-res
Code: 3650

All participants must wear a uniform. A uniform includes a top, bottom, and belt. Uniform fee is $65 (separate from program fees).

OTA ONG TaeKwonDo AcademyThe Village of Hawthorn Woods partners with Ong Taekwondo Academy (OTA) to bring martial arts to the Hawthorn Woods Community.

OTA Student Creed

We commit ourselves to only good deeds our minds to only good thoughts our hearts to only good feelings and never to abuse our Martial Arts. Our goal is to achieve discipline, respect and self control.

OTA Mission

OTA taekwondo  provides a unique martial arts experience in the Chicago area. Our positive atmosphere promotes personal development, by developing the body, mind, and spirit through focused quality martial arts training. Our students achieve success in both the sport of Taekwondo and in life.

The OTA taekwondo philosophy emphasizes the achievement of balance between body, mind and spirit. Emphasis is placed on the skills and techniques of self-defense, physical fitness and peace of mind. Our students strive to develop their personal skills in order to grow in a well-rounded fashion and enhance their ability to cope with life’s challenges. With training, our students benefit both physically (increased strength, coordination and flexibility and improved cardiovascular conditioning), and mentally (gaining increased self-confidence, concentration, patience, self-control and a positive attitude).

Objectives of OTA Taekwondo

  • to develop an appreciation for taekwondo as a sport and an art
  • to achieve physical fitness through positive participation
  • to improve mental discipline and emotional equanimity
  • to develop a sense of responsibility for one self and others
  • to incorporate the tenants of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, and indomitable spirit into one’s daily life
  • to help our students attain their personal best by discovering their unlimited potential, while gaining the confidence to explore this potential

History of OTA

Got Qi (pronounced ’chi’) started in Harwood Heights, Illinois in 2001. It began teaching wushu (Chinese martial arts) to both children and adults. It also offered tai chi and cardio kickboxing to adults. In 2004, the school moved to its current location in Chicago.

In November of 2005, it added two more programs to its repertoire - tae kwon do and boxing. The tae kwon do program slowly replaced the wushu classes. In 2008, we established our second location in Buffalo Grove. In 2013, we changed the name to Ong Taekwondo Academy (OTA) and moved into our current facility in Harwood Heights. OTA will begin teaching in Hawthorn Woods in October of 2017.

Currently, OTA offers a wide selection of classes to suit the needs of people of all ages and body abilities. We have something for everyone whether it is a novice looking to start up martial arts, an experienced martial artist looking for some professional quality training, or someone looking to lose some weight and get fit.


The classes we offer are taught by the most experienced and talented team of instructors. They have achieved great success in practicing and teaching Tae Kwon Do. Some of them have won medals in recent World Championships, International Competitions and Asian Championships. They have also participated and won gold medals in several U.S. local competitions. They have accumulated experience and knowledge in teaching at many worldwide locations: Japan, Korea, and United States. All instructors are bona fide members of World Tae Kwon Do Federation, USA Taekwondo and Kukkiwon Academy.

"Quality takes time."