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2017 Pool Rules
For the safety and enjoyment of all of our pool patrons, we ask everyone to follow rules set by the Village of Hawthorn Woods:
  • No running on deck
  • Hair that touches the shoulders must be pulled back
  • No horseplay
  • No chicken fights or riding on shoulders
  • No food or drink beyond concession area
  • No coolers or outside food allowed into the facility
  • Diving in 9ft of water only
  • Only coast guard approved flotation devices allowed or at the manager’s discretion
  • No goggles or masks allowed while going down the slides or the diving board. They also can not be around your wrist while going down slide or off board.
  • No walking in flippers on the pool deck
  • No glass allowed anywhere in the pool area
  • You may not block the vision of the lifeguards or management with chairs, body, etc.
  • No catching someone off of the diving boards or the slides
  • One person at a time allowed on the boards or slides
  • You may not hang in the diving well or the slide pool
  • Small children only allowed on play structure
  • Feet first only down the slide
  • No life jackets can be worn off of slides or diving boards; they are not allowed on the play structure
  • No jumping off backwards off the side of the pool or the board
  • One bounce only on the board
  • Wait until the person is at the ladder in order to go off the board
  • No backwards diving off of the pool anywhere.
  • Swim suits must be worn in the pool
  • No colored t-shirts unless part of the suit are allowed in the water
  • Children who are not potty trained must have a swim diaper and a swim suit over the diaper
  • No smoking anywhere on the grounds of the Aquatic Center
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult (16 yrs & up)

This list is not a complete list, but rather a summary of common rules. Please obey the instructions of lifeguards and Aquatic Center staff. 

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